Michael Crump is a Microsoft MVP, Pluralsight and MSDN author as well as an international speaker. He works at Telerik with a focus on everything mobile.

Proudly works at: Telerik

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Sep 14 2013

Easily Locate your Apple Model Number and More Info

A quick and easy way to find your model number and more for your Apple Devices.

Sep 12 2013
Sep 5 2013
Sep 1 2013

First Look at the FireFox OS Developer Preview Phone

A blog post with a LOT of pictures of the upcoming FireFox OS Phone.

Aug 10 2013

Quick Info on the 10322 Windows Phone SDK Update

A quick look at the new Windows Phone SDK 10322 Update.

Jul 31 2013

First PluralSight Course Published: Beyond the Basics in Windows Phone 8

This course will walk you through step-by-step some of the advanced features found in the Windows Phone 8 API.

Jul 23 2013

Renew your Windows 8 Developer License before it expires.

A way to renew your Windows 8 developer license using PowerShell and Task Scheduler.

Windows 8
Jul 15 2013

In-App Purchasing for Windows Phone 8

This article show you how to use in-app purchasing in your Windows Phone 8 apps.

Jul 7 2013

Building your First App with Xamarin.iOS

How to build your first app with Xamarin.iOS

Jul 1 2013
Jun 25 2013

I Was Recently Quoted in the Seattle Times regarding Build 2013

Being Quoted in the Seattle Times regarding Build 2013.

Jun 19 2013

10 Questions that I Keep Hearing about Windows Phone 8 Beta Apps

10 Questions that I Keep Hearing about Windows Phone 8 Beta Apps

Jun 10 2013

WWDC 2013 Recap in 750 Words.

My notes taken from the WWDC 2013.

May 22 2013

Great FREE Tool for Presenters using a Mac to Draw on the Screen

A free utility for presenters using a Mac to draw on the screen during presentations.

May 18 2013

How to Specify the Startup Page in Windows Phone

How to specify the startup page in a Window Phone App.

May 5 2013

Taking a look at the various API levels available for Android

Understanding the various API levels in Android.

mobile android
Apr 28 2013

Setting the Default Emulator Image in Xamarin.Android

How to set the default emulator image in Xamarin.Android in VS2012.

mobile android
Apr 17 2013
Apr 9 2013

Say What? Incorporating Windows Phone 8 Speech Recognition into Your Apps

Easy add Speech Recognition Functionality to your Windows Phone 8 Apps.

Mar 25 2013

Nice Tool for Presenters who use Visual Studio 2012

A great add-on to Visual Studio 2012 for presenters.

Mar 18 2013

Cool Feature in Windows Phone 8–Lock Your Phone From Anywhere.

This article shows you how to lock your Windows Phone 8 device through the web.

Mar 8 2013

iOS Programming for .NET Developers Book Review

A review of iOS Programming for .NET Developers

Feb 21 2013

An Overview of the Windows Phone 8 SDK Article

A overview of what is included in the Windows Phone 8 SDK

Feb 11 2013

Setting up Unit Testing in Windows Phone 7 and 8

I’ll show you step-by-step how to setup your first unit test in Windows Phone 7 or 8.

Jan 28 2013

Using Portable Class Libraries with Win 8 and WP8 and MVVM

Taking a look at Portable Class Libraries and how they may be used in your next Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 project.

windows-phone8Windows 8 WinRT
Jan 22 2013

Create an off-line Installer for the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

Create an offline installer for the WP 7.8 SDK

Jan 21 2013

A Windows Phone 8 Project Template Without the Fluff

A blank Windows Phone 8 Template created by me.

Jan 20 2013

Silverlight Show Webinar on the New Features in the WP8 SDK Part 2

The second part to the SilverlightShow webinar series on WP8.

Jan 14 2013
Jan 7 2013

Splash Screens in Windows Phone 8–Who moved my cheese?

A quick word on resolutions and splash screens in Windows Phone 8.

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