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Aug 15 2014
Jul 14 2014
Apr 28 2014

New TDN Article Published on 5 Ways to Build Mobile Apps with Visual Studio

This article will walk you through the various ways to build mobile apps using Visual Studio.

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Mar 8 2014

How to share your Windows Phone 8 Screen Over the Internet using Nokia Beamer

This video walks you through step-by-step on how to share your Windows Phone 8 Screen over the Internet.

Feb 24 2014

Setting Up GitHub to work with Visual Studio 2013 Step-by-Step

This post will show you how to setup Visual Studio 2013 to work with Github

Feb 3 2014

An Interview on How I Got Started in Programming for WP and Windows 8

A short interview with WinPhanDev on How I got started programming and more.

Jan 21 2014

Second PluralSight Course Published: Core Telerik Windows Phone 8 Controls

This course will walk you through the core controls included in Telerik's Windows Phone 8 control suite.

Jan 13 2014
Jan 10 2014

My appearance on SSW TV on Windows Phone 8

The recording of my appearance on SSW TV.

Jan 2 2014

Windows Phone 8 Blank Project Template for Visual Studio 2013

A Windows Phone 8 Project Template Without the Fluff

Nov 13 2013

My Talk at Oredev on Windows Phone 8

My WP8 Talk on Maps, IAP and Wallets at Oredev.

Oct 19 2013
Oct 5 2013
Sep 12 2013
Sep 5 2013
Aug 10 2013

Quick Info on the 10322 Windows Phone SDK Update

A quick look at the new Windows Phone SDK 10322 Update.

Jul 31 2013

First PluralSight Course Published: Beyond the Basics in Windows Phone 8

This course will walk you through step-by-step some of the advanced features found in the Windows Phone 8 API.

Jul 15 2013

In-App Purchasing for Windows Phone 8

This article show you how to use in-app purchasing in your Windows Phone 8 apps.

Jun 19 2013

10 Questions that I Keep Hearing about Windows Phone 8 Beta Apps

10 Questions that I Keep Hearing about Windows Phone 8 Beta Apps

May 18 2013

How to Specify the Startup Page in Windows Phone

How to specify the startup page in a Window Phone App.

Apr 17 2013
Apr 9 2013

Say What? Incorporating Windows Phone 8 Speech Recognition into Your Apps

Easy add Speech Recognition Functionality to your Windows Phone 8 Apps.

Mar 18 2013

Cool Feature in Windows Phone 8–Lock Your Phone From Anywhere.

This article shows you how to lock your Windows Phone 8 device through the web.

Feb 21 2013

An Overview of the Windows Phone 8 SDK Article

A overview of what is included in the Windows Phone 8 SDK

Feb 11 2013

Setting up Unit Testing in Windows Phone 7 and 8

I’ll show you step-by-step how to setup your first unit test in Windows Phone 7 or 8.

Jan 28 2013

Using Portable Class Libraries with Win 8 and WP8 and MVVM

Taking a look at Portable Class Libraries and how they may be used in your next Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 project.

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Jan 22 2013

Create an off-line Installer for the Windows Phone 7.8 SDK

Create an offline installer for the WP 7.8 SDK

Jan 21 2013

A Windows Phone 8 Project Template Without the Fluff

A blank Windows Phone 8 Template created by me.

Jan 20 2013

Silverlight Show Webinar on the New Features in the WP8 SDK Part 2

The second part to the SilverlightShow webinar series on WP8.

Jan 7 2013

Splash Screens in Windows Phone 8–Who moved my cheese?

A quick word on resolutions and splash screens in Windows Phone 8.

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