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After returning from //build/ this year, the first thing that I did was create a list of both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Sessions that I wanted to watch. The list below is specifically for Windows Phone 8, which I am very excited about as well as Windows 8. All of these sessions are hand picked, so you may want to look at the complete list of all the sessions. I’d also like to point out that //build/ had other sessions besides Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, so go take a look now.

The Session List

Session Abstract

Windows Phone 8: Application Model

Windows Phone 8 dramatically expands the ways in which developers can build applications and games, by adding several new programming models, and also expanding the application model to support a broader set of developer scenarios. Andrew will explore these in depth and give you the information you need to get started building applications that leverage these features today.

Windows Phone 8: Native C/C++ Game Development

You asked for it, and we are in the business of empowering our developers! Now you can build games leveraging the same C/C++ source you leverage to deliver games on other platforms. This session will introduce you to the implementation of native C/C++ programming for building Windows Phone games.

Designing awesome XAML apps in Visual Studio and Blend for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

Learn to embrace the design principles of both Windows 8 and Windows Phone by taking full advantage of the rich feature sets offered by the XAML design tools in Visual Studio and Blend. Using these tools, we will explore creating and sharing components between apps, designing for multiple resolutions, and consuming a common design pattern (MVVM). All of this in just one session!

Windows Phone 8: XAML Application Development

Windows Phone has always been about building outstanding apps and games using XAML to design and execute on an outstanding UI layer that integrates tightly with the Windows Phone Design system. In this session, Shawn Oster will walk you through what's new for XAML programmers in Windows Phone 8.

How to Leverage your Code across WP8 and Windows 8

Windows Phone 8 is built on the same shared core as Windows 8, and this means that developers have the opportunity to deliver applications to both, leveraging much of the same knowledge, tools, code, and assets. In this session, we'll walk through the best practices on how to maximize your code reuse in building applications that target both Windows Phone and Windows 8

Windows Phone 8: In App Purchase & Developer Center

In-App purchase is _the_ critical monetization mechanism for developers today on mobile devices, and in Windows Phone 8, we've added comprehensive support that open a new world of opportunity to developers. We'll discuss this feature in depth in this session, and also talk about our new developer portal all up.

Windows Phone 8: Critical Developer Practices for Delivering Outstanding Apps

Stefan Wick is a Test Manager in Windows Phone working on our development platform, and has seen it all. He knows what common problems developers hit when building for Windows Phone better than almost anyone. In this session, he'll walk you through the common pitfalls in detail and set you up for immediate success in your own application efforts.

Windows Phone 8: Networking, Bluetooth, and NFC Proximity for Developers

Networking in Windows Phone 8 has taken dramatic leaps and bounds; developers can now access Bluetooth and leverage NFC to build compelling new applications scenarios. Tim will talk about these in depth, and show you how to do this.

Windows Phone 8: Making Money with Your Application on Windows Phone

Microsoft has a long history of building ecosystems in which many partners can build thriving businesses; in this session Todd will talk in depth on what you can do to maximize the money earning potential of your applications on Windows Phone 8

Windows Phone 8: HTML5/IE10 for Developers

Windows Phone 8 includes the powerful IE10 web browser, and its web browser control. This means that developers can leverage the full power of IE10 to deliver outstanding experiences, either hosted online or in the context of a XAML application. Jorge Peraza will walk you through what's new in Windows Phone 8, and how to maximize the impact of your applications and games that leverage HTML.

Windows Phone 8: Maps, Location, and Background Execution for Developers

Some of the most compelling applications on the phone are those that leverage maps and location, and in Windows Phone 8, we've added the capability for developers to write applications that perform turn-by-turn navigation operations in the background. This session will demonstrate how to use these features, and will also talk about the new Maps control.

Windows Phone 8: Performance & Optimization for Developers

Performance continues to be the holy grail that all developers seek to attain, no matter what platform you're on. Windows Phone performance expert Oren Nachman will spend this hour walking you through some of the architectural underpinnings of Windows Phone, and how they provide you guidance in building a high performing application

Windows Phone 8: Photo and Lens Apps

Windows Phone 8 creates a new extensibility point in the form of the 'lens'; an application that plugs directly into the 1st party viewfinder experience. Eric will show you how lenses work, and how to build your own lens apps.

Windows Phone 8: Tiles, Lock Screen, and Notifications

There is perhaps no developer feature that more signifies the unique interaction model of Windows Phone better than the Live Tile. In Windows Phone 8, we're making it easier for you to do more with Live Tiles, and we're also providing deelopers the ability to drive the lock screen notifications and wallpaper. Thomas Fennel will give you all the details on what's new and how to leverage these features in your apps

Windows Phone 8: Using C++ in your Applications

C++ isn't only for games! There are a large number of scenarios where you may want to leverage it in developing for Windows Phone, particularly wherever you want to leverage code you've developed for other platforms. In this session, Peter Torr will walk you through these scenarios, and how to best execute on them.

Deep Dive into the Kernel of .NET on Windows Phone 8

The CoreCLR is the cutting-edge virtual machine at the heart of the .NET in Windows Phone 8. In this session, we'll dive deep under the covers of the .NET runtime engine and discuss some of our key innovations for .NET on Windows Phone 8. Topics will include our compiler in the cloud, WinPRT via .NET, Async and performance improvements.

Windows Phone 8: Using the Speech API

Most people would agree that speech can be the ultimate input mechanism. Windows Phone demonstrated this: many of the first party experiences could be driven by speech in our first two releases. In WP8, we've made speech extensible, and given you the ability to leverage it a number of compelling ways within the context of your app. In this session, we'll show you everything you need to know.

Windows Phone 8: Wallet and Deals for Developers

The Windows Phone platform has always been about giving developers the ability to expose their apps to users in compelling contextually relevant ways. In WP8, we're adding the Wallet, a new centralized hub for applications that provide users quick and easy access to financial services and loyalty programs. Come to this session to learn all about the Wallet, how it works, and how you as a developer can leverage all of its power.

Create Cross-platform Apps using Portable Class Libraries

Learn how to create an app with versions for the Windows Store, Windows Phone, and other platforms, using the new Portable Class Libraries support in Visual Studio 2012 to share code between the different versions of the app. We will see how the Model-View-ViewModel pattern (MVVM) is ideally suited to sharing code between platforms since it encourages a clean separation between the app logic, which can be shared, and the UI, which is platform-specific. We’ll see how to access non-portable functionality from portable code by creating a portable abstraction with platform-specific implementations. We will see several real-world demo apps, and touch on more advanced concepts such as navigation, inversion of control, and synchronizing data across multiple clients with Windows Azure Service Bus. To maximize your benefit from this session, having some prior experience with XAML-based apps and the MVVM pattern is recommended.

Windows Phone 8: App to App Communication

A fantastic new feature for developers in Windows Phone, is the ability to register your application to handle specific protocol schemes; this process will enable other applications to launch your application with parameters that denote specific behavior, much like our own launchers and choosers. Sean will go in depth on how the feature works, and how you can best leverage it in your applications.

Windows Phone 8: Enterprise Development

For decades, Microsoft has endeavored to create development platforms that meet the needs of the enterprise world. In Windows Phone 8, Windows Phone adds several new features that mean its more ready to deliver on these scenarios than ever before. Andrew will explore these in depth.

Nokia Music Windows Phone 8 App-to-App APIs

Join us as we explore Nokia Music’s new app-to-app APIs. In this session we’ll explain the new app-to-app feature in Windows Phone 8, how to code for Nokia Music app-to-app APIs and show real-world examples. During this talk we’ll show developers how to use Nokia Music in order to get music content into their apps. We’ll deep-dive into code samples using these new Nokia Music APIs, discuss the design decisions behind them and help you code for them as part of your apps. We’ll also have a few Nokia developer announcements during the talk.


I am really enjoying all of these sessions, as well as my new Windows Phone 8!  If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below, otherwise see you in the next post!

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