Bullet Points from MIX11 Day 2 –WP7, Silverlight and Kinect.

Since my blog is mainly about Silverlight, WPF and Windows Phone 7, I decided that I’d make a recap of today’s MIX 11 Event for those of you who missed it. I only included things that I thought were big enough to mention to not waste any time. Of course, you can check out the keynote yourself by visiting the MIX Site.

MIX11 Day 2 – Windows Phone 7 – “Mango” update coming shortly.

  • Microsoft showed a fan-made video that if enough people like it Microsoft will make it a Television commercial.
  • They are going to support 16 more languages (Including asian languages in general)
  • They are increasing it to more countries that you can submit apps to from 30 to 38.
  • They are increasing from 16 to 35 countries that will have access to the Marketplace.
  • Jump List support for people that have a lot of applications. Hit T for Twitter, etc.
  • Search Button to type your application you wish to search for. (Includes link to Search Marketplace)
  • You can shows apps by Top Downloads.
  • Podcasts coming to marketplace, but only in USA
  • Mango has IE9 baked into it. Markup gets handled the same as the desktop browser and phone browser.
  • HTML5 audio plays in the background.
  • Landscape Mode works properly on the Mango Update.
  • Skype on Windows Phone 7 this fall.
  • Motion Sensor makes it easier for developers to write sensor based applications on Windows Phone.
  • Spotify is going to be on the Windows Phone 7.
  • Angry birds, comes out on May 25 for Windows Phone users.
  • Live Agents, Background Notifications and Multiple Tiles w/ deep linking are coming with Mango.
  • The WP7 developer tools - mango- should be available next month.
  • Additional Tools option in the Mango Update to simulate an Accelerator.
  • This will include the ability to perform a Shake Guesture.
  • You can even emulate your location now with the new tools.
  • Profiler added to Mango tools for Windows Phone. It gives you a report that will allow you to see what is going on with your application.
  • You can even profile XAML storyboards!
  • Performance improvements on mango: smooth scroll and input, image decoding, garbage collection and memory no code changes.
  • 1500 new APIs in Mango & full SQLCE.
  • WP7 sockets demo was showed using IRC.
  • Mango allows app’s to directly control & stream content from the camera.
  • With Mango, you can now build applications that compose UI with both SL and XNA enabling much richer experiences.
  • Official announcement from the Windows Phone Team of new features for Windows Phone 7 Mango.

MIX11 Day 2 – Silverlight 5 Beta Announced and Ready for Download.

MIX11 Day 2 – Kinect SDK Announced.

  • Sign-up today for the Kinect SDK RSS feed http://bit.ly/gaSTTm
  • A Kinect-drivable lounge chair, is an interesting demo of a Kinect SDK application was shown during MIX11 using gestures to control an onscreen.
  • Microsoft Research demoed “WorldWide Telescope” which was controlled by Kinect.

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Posted by: Michael Crump
Last revised: 11 Dec, 2011 12:28 AM


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